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We develop partnerships with investors who wish to invest in the Portuguese real estate market.
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Our approach


We are available to establish partnerships with investors who have the desire to enter in the Portuguese real estate market, seeking to create long-term relationships.
These partnerships can take two different forms:

  • New Living manage real estate projects by charging a management fee. We manage the project completely or just some of the phases, such as architecture or construction supervision.
  • New Living and the investor contribute both with equity for the project and thereby share the risk and return of the business.



The decision to choose the property to invest is crucial. Our experience in the real estate market allows us to have a short list of potential investments in the portfolio, with a high valuation potential in the future.


Good management practices

Project risk management is ensured through best market management practices..
Values of transparency, trust, honesty and sharing of information are absolutely fundamental for us.

Our expertise
Project management it is ensured by the two partners of New Living, who have a long experience of project managing in multinational companies in Portugal.

Real estate projects have their own specificities, since they integrate areas such as architecture, engineering, city hall licensing, construction and promotion. Managing all these areas in a fluid, targeted, transparent way and with the objective of maximizing the return for the investors it is the role we intend to carry out.

Architecture it is a fundamental phase of each project, to which we dedicate much attention and care. We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect architectural solution for every house we build and for that we have two excellent architects in our team who have experience, proofs and awards won.

If an investor wants only New Living's contribution to the architectural project, we are willing to do so with the same commitment and dedication we put into everything we do.

We have senior engineers in the team, with many construction works carried out, which assure us an excellent construction quality.

If the investor only needs New Living to develop the engineering projects or the inspection of the works, we provide this service with all our commitment.

Golden Visa programme allows foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal.

At New Living we advise this process through the lawyer we have in our team, who has extensive experience in conducting these legal proceedings.

Our team


Rui Costa


Carlos Carvalho


Mafalda Neves

Civil Engineer

Ivone Costa


André Costa


Marina Malagolini

MB9 day Maria Baptista 9
MB9 night Maria Baptista 9
Investing in Portugal

There are many reasons to invest in Portugal. A European Union country with a stable, secure political system, excellent quality of life and a favourable economic environment with a real estate market growing consistently driven by the flow of international investors who have decided to invest in Portugal.

Golden Visa programme

Fast track to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal.

This residency permit will allow investor to enter and/or live in Portugal and to travel freely within the vast majority European countries (Schengen space).

Acquisition of property above 500.000 euros.

Fiscal benefits

Special tax regime.

The applicable tax rate is 20%.

Tax rate for a period of 10 years.

No double taxation.


Portugal is the 5th safest country in the world (Source: Global Peace Index 2016).

National Health Service in the top 15 in Europe, ahead of countries like England or Spain (Source: Euro Health Consumer index).

Portugal is the 12th most environmentally friendly country in the world (Source: movehub.com)

Quality of Life

Very tolerant society and stable political situation.

Amazing gastronomy.

245 days a year of sun.

Best european destination for travelers and best beaches in Europe (Source: www.europeanbestdestinations).

Ancient history and culture.

recent projects
With an experienced team and professional management, we have developed high quality real estate rehabilitation projects to provide exclusive houses in the market.
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